Professionals you can trust

Spring Timber Corporation

"It's crucial in today's logging and timber industries to work with dependable people that you can trust.  Acadian Forestry Consulting has been fair and straight-forward in every dealing I've had with them.  From timber cruising to cutting timber, I've enjoyed working with them, and I highly recommend them!"

Josh W. Spring, President

Richard J. Dugas, Jr.

"Acadian Forestry Consulting does excellent work and is very trustworthy.  In an industry filled with corruption, Ryan Manuel and team are honest, hardworking, dependable and good communicators.  The work they have done for me has been excellent and their prices are fair and reasonable.  I have also appreciated that they work with logging crews who care about leaving your property in good shape when they are finished.  I'd highly recommend Ryan and Acadian Forestry Consulting to anyone interested in having timber work done."

Private Landowner