Timber Cruising


"Timber Cruising" is the process of measuring forest products and their various attributes - species, height, diameter, age, product class, etc.  Timber inventories are essential elements for various land management objectives - timber production, wildlife management, and recreation.  By utilizing timber inventories, landowners can make informed decisions regarding their forestland and its assets. 

Timber Marking


Interested in marketing a timber sale?  Marking timber is a hands-on way foresters selectively choose which trees are harvested and which ones are protected during timber harvesting. 

Timber Damage Appraisals


Have you been a victim of timber trespass?  Timber damage appraisals can help landowners determine losses sustained in these situations and also help in providing evidence that can be used in court.  Timber damage appraisals are also helpful in assessing damages due to natural disasters - tornadoes, flooding, and hurricanes.

Boundary Line Maintenance


Need to maintain an existing boundary or establish a timbered property line?  Protect what's yours -  Routine maintenance of property boundaries is essential in defending your property against trespass, and makes land acquisitions/dispositions all the easier. 

Forest Management Plans


A sustainably managed forest begins with a comprehensive management plan that outlines the goals of the land owner while addressing the needs of the resource.

Timber Sale Management


If you are prepared to sell your timber, whether it be a long term lease or a one-time harvest, Acadian Forestry can facilitate a sale contract between you and prospective buyers.  

Incentive Program Consultation


State and federal programs exist that offer technical and financial support to landowners who value restoring, maintaining, and enhancing natural ecosystems.  We can help you choose the program that meets your needs.

GPS/GIS Mapping


From the landscape to stand level, it is important to monitor your property via updated aerial imagery to ensure property descriptions remain precise and no unexpected changes have occured.  Acadian Forestry can describe your property using modern GIS techniques.

Forest Monitoring


If you are an absentee landowner or simply do not have the time to visit your property regularly, Acadian Forestry can monitor your land to ensure there is no trespassing, poaching, timber theft or boundary encroachment occuring.

Tree Planting


If your timber stand is in need of artificial regeneration, we can ensure that the right species are chosen to meet your needs and that a reliable crew is set up to plant in a timely fashion.